Iron Capital is an Africa‑focused investment banking firm with significant financial and technical expertise and a team that has a track record of exemplary governance and delivering best‑in‑class transaction execution across Sub‑Saharan Africa.

We leverage our experience on financial markets in Africa and globally to best advise our clients as they navigate unchartered territories.

We are a trusted partner, founded on integrity, innovation and an unyielding determination to develop and implement innovative and customised solutions for our clients, from government to private and public sectors, and beyond.

Iron Capital Partners Limited is also registered in Kenya under the name Iron Capital Partners East Africa Limited. Its subsidiary Iron Global Markets Limited is registered in Nigeria and is authorized by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Nigeria to carry out Issuing House services. For more information visit www.ironglobalmarkets.africa.

Transaction History

Company Information

  • Commenced operations in 2019
  • Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Active in several African countries
  • Iron Capital is an African-focused investment banking firm.